Dennis Peterson practices VA disability law with first hand experience knowing how difficult it is to obtain VA disability benefits. A Navy Vietnam veteran, Dennis’ first encounter with the VA system was when he filed his own claim.
“I thought as an experienced attorney, I would have no problem understanding the law and what was required to obtain benefits. I was amazed that even with my legal training, the system was overwhelming and frustrating. I thought that if this was how difficult it was for an attorney, it would be nearly impossible for someone without legal training. Since that time, I have dedicated my career to representing Veterans in their claims.”
Dennis personal experience provides him with a unique understanding of the entire disability process. He not only understands the law, but understands the frustrations of dealing with the Veteran’s Administration.
Dennis helps others understand the VA system by speaking on a local and national level. He has lectured local and national attorneys on VA issues, and frequently discusses VA claims with veterans groups.
Dennis’ unique approach to representing VA applicants provides representation with strong legal training and technique, and a knowledgeable and compassionate heart.