We represent veterans, nationwide, in appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims and in claims for disability compensation and pension at the VA Regional Office. Monetary benefits, called disability compensation, are paid to veterans who are disabled by injury or disease incurred or aggravated during active military service. Monetary benefits depend upon the amount of disability caused by the injury or disease.

Veterans and other claimants have the right to appeal decisions made by a VA Regional Office by filing a notice of disagreement with the VA Regional Office. This is simply a written statement that a claimant disagrees with the VAs decision. The VA will then furnish a “Statement of. the Case” describing what facts, laws and regulations were used in deciding the case. The claimant next files a “Substantive Appeal” within 60 days. The claim is then transferred to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington DC. The VA does not allow a veteran to hire a private attorney unless their claim is denied by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. If the claim is denied by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the claimant has 120 days to file an appeal with the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. Veterans and claimants are entitled to be represented by lawyers in this appeal. At Peterson & Fishman, we understand the difficulties you encounter in navigating the complex rules of the VA system. We will aggressively represent your interests before the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and ultimately the Veterans Administration’s Regional Office.

Although we would be pleased to provide you with representation on your claims with the Veterans Administration, we also want you to know that veterans benefits services are available to you at no charge through federally charted veterans service organizations. These include State and County departments of veterans services as well as private federally chartered veterans service organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or other such veterans organizations. If you wish to obtain more information regarding available veterans services through the federally chartered veterans service organizations you can contact your State Department of Veterans Affairs, or your County veterans services department. If you do wish to talk to us about our services of our law firm we do request that you contact us directly.